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We are not that different

If you allready know what DNA is, good! If not, we suggest you start with this little introduction to what DNA is.

To really understand the amount of information that is stored in the DNA, there is a TED-talk by physicist Riccardo Sabatini about the subject here if you want an in-depth explanation of the genoms and DNA. He explained that a printed version of a human beeings entire genetic code would be around 262,000 pages. Of those pages, just about 500 would be unique to us. Thats around 0,1-0,2%! The rest is identical!

In other words: If you think your neighbour is a complete moron, you are close to 99,9% similar to him, technically speaking. That should get you thinking.

And as thednatests.com says:

"If you’ve ever been called a chicken (closest living relatives of Tyrannosaurus rex), chances are that someone in your life is probably just trying to pressure you into jumping into a lake or trying on an ugly sweater. That being said, you may be interested to know that humans and chickens share more than half of their DNA". Find out how similar humans are to chickens!

But are we similar to monkeys, regarding to the DNA ? Or a banana?

We are not that different, after all. Please read further: